No nonsense. No banality. No excess. GLTY is a creative project that focuses on limited-edition design objects, with a global conscience and a mind for promoting not only impeccable design, but also simplicity and thoughtfulness in the way we live every day.

The brainchild of Athens-based designer Dimitris Gkazis, GLTY stands for effortless creativity, hand-picked quality and hard optimism, becoming a generator of sunny, happy-place vibes all year round.

Every object that is part of this project is the result of an ongoing exploration in visual sparity, experimental ideas, sustainable craftsmanship and design with intent. Collecting GLTY objects is about a philosophy of living better and curing your aesthetic guilt without compromising beauty and quality.

Each GLTY collection is created with personal care and with a constant effort to choose as ethical and sustainable materials as possible. GLTY objects are to be shared with contemporary people who have taken the path of a less cluttered life; people who value stories over belongings.